Felix Solis SL is a family owned company devoted to the production of quality wines, grape juice and sangria. The company has two wineries in the most important appellations in the centre of Spain; Valdepenas and La Mancha.

The winery in Valdepenas was opened in 1975 with some of the best and most modern production and bottling technology in the world. The site is one of the largest family owned companies in terms of grape reception, with a daily harvest capacity of 7.5 million kilos and a winemaking facility for 175 million kilos of grapes. For the purposes of traditional ageing, the site has a large cave of American oak barrels, necessary for the production of crianzas, reservas, and gran reservas.

The company is owned by the third generation Solís brothers, who still combine tradition and modernization. Its plant in Valdepeñas has evolved to become one of the largest and most innovative wine-producing facilities in the world.


GRAPE VARIETY. Airen, Viura.

COLOUR. Light yellow hue with captivating green tints

AROMA. Pale yellow with fine consistent bubbles. A combination of toast, white fruits and fresh grass aromas

PALATE. Palate of citrus fruits, a good acidity level and a pleasant texture.


GRAPE VARIETY. Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc.

COLOUR. Pale yellow with an intense, bright sheen.

AROMA. This fresh and intense wine has flowery and fruity aromas.

PALATE. On the palate, it has a rich smooth body with balanced acidity and hints of fennel, herbs, citrus, melon and peach.


GRAPE VARIETY. Tempranillo.

COLOUR. Deep, bright ruby color.

AROMA. Intensive bouquet evokes red berries, violet and light toast aromas with concentrated dark fruits such as blackcurrants.

PALATE. The palate it is mellow with ripe tannins.


GRAPE VARIETY. Tempranillo.

COLOUR. Vibrant cherry red colour.

AROMA. Red cherry and delicate hint of perfume.

PALATE. Well balanced and smooth finish.