George Ballantine set up this business when he was just nineteen, and later shared his whisky blending expertise with his sons George II, Archibald and Daniel, as well as his grandson, George III.

Together they built a real reputation for their whisky. So much so that in 1895, Ballantine & Son was awarded with a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria, the ultimate endorsement of the company’s prestigious reputation.

The Ballantine’s family first blended Finest in 1910, and it still stands as the oldest recipe in the current range. Nearly 200,000 bottles of Finest are sold around the world each day, proof that quality lasts the test of time.



Slightly sweet with a touch of vanilla.Perfect for mixing to start the night. The first ever Ballantine’s recipe.

Start the night with a Whisky that’s stayed true to it’s original recipe since 1910.

TASTING NOTE. A balance of subtle, sweet flavours like milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla taste. Soft, elegant, heather honey aromas with a hint of spice on the nose. Beautiful light gold color. Fresh and floral after-taste that creates a rounded glow finish.