Olmeca Tequilas are produced at Destileria Colonial de Jalisco. Operation at the plant is overseen by Maestro Tequilero Jesús Hernández and his team of workers. The Master Distiller is responsible for supervising all production, from the harvest of the plants in the agave fields to the bottling of the tequila. The Olmeca distillery is situated in the town of Arandas, Jalisco, the unoffcial capital of Los Altos (2104 metres above sea level), taking advantage of the blue agave plants that are grown locally.


Made using hand-harvested, hand-selected Agave, this reposado Tequila has rested in Oak barrels for over 1 year prior to release.

TASTING NOTE. The flavor is just loaded with sweet delicious caramelized baked agave, and the finish delivers a long and pleasant creamy vanilla treat.